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  What People are Saying About Tracy!

She viewed our operations from a command level and from a street level and made very astute observations, analysis and recommendations. She did so much to raise the level of psychological stability in the department and the community. - Chief Kittrell, Orange Police Department

Much like light shines in dark places, she possesses a gift for encouragement and maintaining a positive, consistent attitude. She helps others get to the positive side of life. - Paul Anthony Gossett, Software Engineer

Rarely have I encountered a more self-reliant, self-motivated and self-less person. - Susan M. McCauley, High School Principal

Ms. Baldwin possesses an energy and professionalism that I donít get to see very often in the workplace. She is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. - Carol Ann Mince, FBI

Ms. Baldwin assisted me in developing an exceptional presentation required for my industry. She has provided mediation advice in dealing with difficult members of the medical and legal community regarding sensitive situations and has determined a successful course of action and/or direction. - Joni Honn, Business Owner

I learned the true value of teamwork, discipline, honesty and professionalism. - Lacy Bowen, Forensic DNA Analyst

Our program has become successful with her recommendations, organization, sound judgment, talent and skills. - Garry Carson, Carson Entertainment

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