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FBI's "Code of Silence" Revealed
Press Release
June 11, 2008

Former FBI Agent Tells of Struggle, Faith
Madison Record News
July 9, 2008

FBI's "Code of Silence" Revealed

For Immediate Release: June 11, 2008
Contact: Tracy L. Baldwin
(713) 824-9086

FBI’s “Code of Silence” Revealed

HOUSTON, TEXAS – As an FBI Special Agent for nine years, Tracy L. Baldwin held to the FBI’s “Code of Silence.” Her new book “God Is Bigger Than Your FBI” exposes the horrible truth about the nation’s top law enforcement agency. The book is available at,, and through the author's website at

“God Is Bigger Than Your FBI” gives a detailed account of the difficult Special Agent selection, training, job requirements and what happened when a wide-eyed, patriotic, intelligent young woman with the desire to make a difference and serve her country, got on the "inside." Things are not what they seem and Baldwin found the FBI to be the master at public propaganda. Charged to defend against those intending harm - Baldwin found much of the harm and “bad guys” on the inside. When she brought truth to light, the FBI used antics and deceptions to derail a successful career.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) recently testified before the House Judiciary Crime Subcommittee, “Underneath all of the good things the FBI does, unfortunately, there is a history of abuse, mismanagement and retaliation so strong that it has become part of its organizational culture.” (CongressDaily – May 22, 2008)

The FBI’s gross injustices were difficult for Baldwin to comprehend throughout her nine years as a Special Agent. She openly discusses the FBI and agent “Code of Silence,” her struggle with extreme difficulties and knowledge of widespread wrongdoing (bringing her to thoughts of suicide) and her faith in God. She found that God is bigger than any challenge or hardship and He can be relied on through every FBI – Faith Building Incident. This book will change your perception of the FBI - your FBI.

“God Is Bigger Than Your FBI”
ISBN: 978-0-6151-8766-2

Available in the United States through:

In the United Kingdom:

Former FBI Agent Tells of Struggle, Faith
By Jonathan Stinson, Madison Record

It was almost 12 years ago to the day - July 11, 1996 - the Madison Record ran a story on then 32-year old Tracy Baldwin, who was just beginning her journey in a career with the FBI.

“I feel drawn to the FBI, where everything is above board,” she said in 1996. “They really check you out. If you get your credentials and get an appointment then you have really accomplished something. To me this is a career opportunity that enables one to help people who can’t help themselves and to make a difference in your life.”

The FBI did make a difference in her life, but it was not the one she expected. Now, 12 years later, she has written a book, “God is Bigger than Your FBI” that speaks out about her experiences in the agency and the effect it had on her. Her first assignment was in Albuquerque, N. M. When she walked through the door, she noticed a red flag. A sign hanging in the office read: “This office condones sexual harassment.” The sign was hanging there by the order of a judge who had ruled in a previous sexual harassment case filed by a former female agent in the office. The sign was intended to bring attention to the situation and effect change.

Baldwin said she just shrugged it off and thought that maybe the woman was not “thick skinned” enough to cut it in the predominantly male organization.

Later she would realize that the problem was not limited to that single woman, but that many women in the agency faced some of the same types of discrimination, but often kept quiet because they were afraid they would lose their job.

“The FBI’s courtship of women is very traditional, the goal being to entice a commitment, not to sustain a relationship,” Baldwin said.

Her book focuses on the personal struggles she faced in her nine-year career. Like being told to slow down because she was working too hard and how after winning her own discrimination case against the FBI she was forced out of the agency. The acronym FBI has two meanings for Baldwin - one, of course, is the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the other meaning is Faith Building Incident.

It also shows how, with God’s help she overcame those struggles.

You can get a copy of Baldwin’s book by ordering it online at,,, or

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